Industry Training @ QCWT

An important part of the QCWT charter is to facilitate skill-deficit training for existing members of the workforce. To that end a range of short-course training programs are delivered by the College and its partners each year. Courses delivered include:

Dot Point   Wine Industry Operations
Dot Point   Cellar Door Operations
Dot Point   Responsible Service of Alcohol Courses
Dot Point   Safe Food Handling
Dot Point   Coffee Shop & Cafe
Dot Point   Wine Tourism
Dot Point   Vineyard & Pruning
Dot Point   Wine Processing
Dot Point   Responsible Gaming Service
Dot Point   Tractor & Equipment Operations
Dot Point   Wine Business
Dot Point   Cellar Door Metrics
Dot Point   Wine Analysis Workshop
Dot Point   Viticulture Conference
Dot Point   Wine Grape Vine Nutrition Workshop
Dot Point   Wine Appreciation Course
Dot Point   Cooking Classes

QCWT - Stanthorpe QLD

QCWT Industry Training - Young Hosts Program

QCWT Industry Training - Young Chefs Program