Certificate II Wine Industry Operations

  • Core subject training including food safety programs and procedures, OH&S processes, environmentally sustainable work practices and quality systems and procedures
  • Vineyard operations including picking, pruning and canopy management
  • Winery operations including crushing/pressing grapes, fermentation processes, transfer of wines, the use of inert gases, cleaning and sanitising winery equipment/tanks
  • Bottling processes such as filling, capping/corking and labelling
  • Laboratory activities including the use of basis laboratory equipment and how to conduct basic analytical tests







Additional Information

We have a flexible approach to training that may be tailored to individual needs and employee/employer requirements. 


Queensland College of Wine Tourism, 22 Caves Road, Stanthorpe  QLD 4380

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 Peter Orr
Oenology, Education & Training Manager
Queensland College of Wine Tourism
22 Caves Road, Stanthorpe  QLD  4380
Phone:  07 4685 5011